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Practicing The Law With Mindfulness And Compassion

We Are A Real Estate Firm Who Puts Our Community First

Real estate laws and regulations can be difficult to understand. In-depth knowledge on the subject is a necessity when facing real estate concerns. Whether you are looking to protect the future of your property or you have issues related to a breach of contract, your best chance at a successful resolution is with an informed lawyer.

Attorney Kevin P. Ackerman of The Ackerman Law Firm, P.A. in Miami provides a variety of real estate services, including litigation representation. Our firm is also a member of The Fund, an attorney underwriters’ program that serves real estate attorneys. We are committed to providing quality and accessible legal services in support of our community.

Protecting Your Best Interests In A Variety Of Needs

Real estate disputes can easily shake the comfort of your everyday life. Or, you may also find yourself confused by the jargon of real estate law and administration. Whatever your need, our office will take on a variety of case types, including those related to:

  • Commercial and residential closings
  • Litigation representation
  • Breach of contract
  • Easements
  • Code violations
  • Quiet title actions

While it’s important to work with an attorney throughout the entire real estate transaction, having a lawyer on your side during the closing can be particularly important. They can review all of the paperwork being exchanged, help educate you about the implications of the documents you’re signing and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Attorney Ackerman knows Florida and federal laws and can represent tenants throughout the process of buying or selling real estate, including during the closing, legal disputes and for other concerns. He will also represent landlords who must resort to legal action. 

Learn More With A Free Consultation

Do not face these matters alone. You stand a better chance of a successful case with the help of an informed attorney. Let us help you – start with a free initial consultation. Call our office at 844-595-9297 to set up an appointment today or send us an email. Se habla español.